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Helle Damkær

After many years of working with some of the world's most innovative design firms in Milan, New York and London, Helle Damkjær has been based in Paris since 1997.

Her creations combine elegance, sensuality, and modernity with scandinavian purity.

Her minimalist, organic approach, combined with her attention to detail, gives her designs a harmonious presence.
Helle's spiritual approach makes her extremely aware of the power of shapes. For she believes they silently express much more than we are able to imagine. Therefore it is of great importance to her that each product is attractive in thier harmonious presence in time and space.


"K" is for Kitani and Ki, this means wood and also spirit in Japanese.
Kitani has being producing danish chairs by famouse danish designers for the last 15 years.

When Kitani assigned me to design a small collection of furniture that would represent the company vision of 2011, I was sure that I had to design someting more than a "well crafted" chair.  It needed to be the perfect balance between modern design and immaculate craftsmanship.

- Helle Damkjær